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Our comprehensive guide with clear easy to follow steps will help guide you through the GDPR regulations. Please purchase the guide below.


Access to the online Guide (per user)



Access to the online Guide (per user) & a printed version posted to you.

What if I need further assistance?

The reality of the change in legislation is that we all will need to take responsibility for our data and changing our processes, there is no quick fix to become compliant.

If you would like one-to-one help in understanding and/or implementing these changes, the following services are available:

GDPR Marketing Direction & Data Audit £950 per day
We can work with you on your GDPR journey. This can include developing an action plan based on our GDPR Roadmap and assessing your processes.
We can audit your data and develop a data map which documents the data flow into, within and out of your organisation. Following on from this, we will produce a report that details your issues and risks, but that also contains recommendations for your compliance.
Adhoc Advice £125 per hour
Database Updates £195
Current legislation demands your data be kept up to date. We can undertake an audit of your consumer data to identify ‘gone-aways’, movers and any guests who have sadly passed away. If you require assistance extracting the data from your system the charge is £150.
Once audited, we can provide updates, charged at .60p per deceased record, or .45p per gone-away or house-mover (to include the supply of the new address where available).
Website Updates & Form Creation
Updating policies onto websites (client to supply policy) £95 per hour
Addition of a GDPR sign-up form to your website (per form)
We are happy to quote for multiple forms £245
Permission Passing Campaigns from £395
We can design, and issue email & direct mail campaigns designed to re-engage with your data. The cost will depend on data size.
GDPR compliant cookie policy pop-up from £75
Our GDPR compliant cookie policy pop up is a quick and simple way to make sure your website conforms to the new data regulation.
For only £75 we can add a pop-up to your website which links to a designated cookies page displaying a GDPR compliant cookie policy for you use on your website.
An example can be found on our Clockwork website: https://www.clock-work.co.uk
Please note: The cookie policy pop up box and text comes as standard, if changes are required this may incur additional costs.

Privacy Policies & Specialist Legal Support

The following services are provided by our legal team.


What's Included:
Template documentation, including:

  • Data Mapping Guidance
  • Privacy Policy
  • Data Processing Notice
  • Cookie Policy
  • Cookie Notice Wording

Briefing note guidance on key GDPR terms, cloud storage, historic data use and consumer rights under GDPR.

Bespoke advice for your business. Tailoring of provided documents.


What's Included:
The Toolkit documentation and; A morning/afternoon or evening hands-on drafting, advice and implementation session with a data protection specialist that includes: A live drafting exercise to amend and implement the Toolkit Documents to suit the attendee’s business. Worked examples of tweaks and changes to make pre-implementation including how to effectively implement the Toolkit Documents and the processes needed internally to aid compliance.

Bespoke advice for each and every attending business. Number businesses attending must be between 3 and 8.


What's Included:
The Toolkit documentation and One to one meeting with a data protection specialist to identify key weaknesses and practical fixes; Amendment of the Toolkit documentation by our specialists to meet the needs of your business.

Additional advice or guidance on GDPR outside of the above. Legal or commercial advice not related to the GDPR.

All prices quoted are subject to VAT

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